What are they?

Interactive sound sculptures that pick up your movements and create music as a result...

A fun interactive music installation you make music by not touching anything! Move any part of your body and create music at the same time..Theremin Bollards have been enjoyed by 1000's of people since it began in 2011.

We have had lots and lots of feedback from music therapists, physio therapists, OT's, carers and parents and doctors, about the benefits of using Theremin Bollards as a therapy tool. We have observed definite changes in most people,who engage with them. Confidence, empathy, listening, creativity and physical movement are some of the changes in behaviour we have observed in participants playing with the bollards.

See and hear them in action

What are they for?

Fun, interaction, performance music therapy, education, and more ....

We have installed theremin bollards in art galleries, music festivals, museums, design & promotional events, conferences, NHM London and Yorkshire Sculpture park have hosted our installations and we are currently working on a long term installation for the National Science Museum, London.

We are currently taking event bookings for 2016 please get in touch via our contact page, or if you want to come along to a event please check out our see and hear page......


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Who are we?

Theremin Bollards are created by Tymba who produce forward thinking devices for both permanent installation and therapy uses. We are currently working on developing specific devices for music therapy, spinal injuries and commnunication therapy and physcial therapy ........

Founder of Tymba David Young & creator of the Theremin Bollard concept is a sound design artist based in the UK, together with the help and skills of Jon Wood, Oli Larkin, Jake Rothman and Martin Klang has developed theremin bollards into a great thing.


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